Thank You for your support and understanding

Challenges. We all faced them in 2020. All of them different for each and every one of us.
Breast Cancer WAS my challenge and I am currently free and clear.
Please know that I am back in business and happy to work with you and your creative conundrums.  
Thank you for your continued support and understanding during my absence.


Looking for a design solution

Carmon & Co.


( SHärˈko͞odərē )


I Want One!


How can I do it myself you ask? My answer is simple, Why do you want to? It's my job to do it. Spend your time doing whatever it is you do best, I got this. I am happy to give consultation on different solutions that might suit your needs better than you may have thought or been led to believe. Just ask, I will do my best to find a solution for you.

Show Me.


Let's think.  Identity is everything and what separates YOU from THEM. From business cards to your entire brand, everything matters and works together. Email, social media, your website, your hand to hand connections. Let's put our heads together.

Where Do I Start?

want to learn? I'll TEACH YOU.

Well sometimes you still just want to do it yourself. Okay, then if you a ready to learn, then I am happy to share. I'll come on-site and work with you one-on-one. I can teach an individual software program or just work with you to set you up to do it yourself.

I'm Ready

personal Tales from the inside

I've seen a thing or two. Funny, crazy, amazing, messed up, and just downright unbelievable. My friends tell me I should write a book. I am most likely not doing that anytime soon, so I will come close and try to share some of these outrageous tales..

Burning Man then and now

After 15 consecutive trips to 'That Thing In The Desert', I am a different woman and grateful for it. I've seen art, built art, managed theme camps, met the most interesting human beings and been inspired beyond words. Where Burning Man may never be the same again, I'll do my best to bring those principals and experiences of that incredible journey to life as we know it now.

Triple 'D' Charcuterie

Triple 'D' Woodshop, is a family business run by my cousin Tony Dodd. Tony is a master craftsman of fine furniture made from his ample and diverse wood supply. Instead of scrapping these beautiful remnants of wood, he gives them new life by transforming them into unique charcuterie boards. Tony, his sister Evelyn and I have teamed up to bring them to you. MORE INFO>>


ART & DESIGN Clients & more

Newbury Self StorageSkylark VillaArt By The SeaC&C MovesTriple D WoodshopVail VIP 107Coconuts Key WestDean Richards Essex, MANewbury Self StorageSebass FoundationTriple D CharcuterieBrooke Haven Gloucester, MA

In good company

Friends & clients heroes & inspirations

Some of the people are folks I hang with, some are people I work with, and some are inspirations that truly make me a better person and push me to think outside that box. Wherever you fall on that list I thank you for being one or all of the above.

Oliver is a sometimes client, sometimes co-worker and always a full-time friend.
His stunning vacation rentals make for a beautiful palette to work with. He leaves the design work to me and we're both very happy.

Oliver Robinson

I have worked with Susan in multiple settings and for years. She's a PRO and who I turn to when we really need to go big.

Susan MacPhee

Andrew is a fine artist and friend. We built his site in WIX together and he manages it himself. From pastels to pixels in no time.

Andrew Anderson-Bell

Wendy, my rock. We worked together on her brand "Behind the Curtain".
This Atlanta-based e-mail marketing business is booming,
and I am more thrilled to be a resource she can rely on.

Wendy Miller

This amazing artist and Burning Man friend, writes books, makes jewelry and inspires daily. Together we built, and now she manages, her own site using WIX.
Check out her latest book 'The Jewelry of Burning Man.'

Karen Christians

What does Peg not do? I designed her logo and multiple websites. Her LLC, Art By The Sea, houses her many design enterprises. COCONUTS, her floating house in Key West, was the most fun job. Nothing inspires more than a Winter week in the tropics! Peg is a never ending source of creative energy and an inspiration to me. Find her at Pop Gallery in Gloucester, MA.

Peggy Russell
www.artbythesea.cowww.poponmain.comcoconuts key west

Looking for a professional?

advice is free results not so much

Social Media


per week

  • Campaign Management

  • Creative Concepts

  • More Followers

  • Targeted Groups

  • Reinforce Your Brand

  • Build Your Business

  • Let's Get Started

Design Work


per Hour or

  • Web Design Starting at $1750

  • Logo Design Starting at $500

  • Corporate Branding

  • Print Design

  • Photo Editing

  • Email Marketing

  • I've Got an Idea

On-Site Training


per Day

  • WIX, Squarespace

  • Photoshop

  • Computer Consulting

  • Email-setup, Web Hosting, Google drive

  • Social Media

  • All of the Above?

  • I'm Ready to Learn

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